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Branding TU Braunschweig IFU – Center of Excellence

Our client: TU Braunschweig IFU – Center of Excellence 

The project is based on a unique concept with which the revolutionary potentials of Industry 4.0 can be implemented.

The core of the concept is the integrated approach and definition of the processes in industrial manufacturing companies. The goal is the networking of all components, structures, machines and facilities of a factory and their communication with each other in real time. The commonly called Lean Enterprise is seen as the key to the implementation of this intelligent networking and Industry 4.0. It refers to a company-wide, internally coordinated and low-waste overall system. Such an integrated company system is now being mapped for the first time: In the Center of Excellence for Lean Enterprise 4.0.  

Our task

The project called for a concept and implementation of a Corporate Deisgn for the Center of Excellence with the consideration of the existing Corporate Design of the Institut for Fabriklehre und Unternehmensforschung. Despite the close connection to the existing design, there should be a clear distinction to emphasise the USP of the project. That includes every application in print and digital, including the user interface of the website.

Implementation of