We will grow together.

We set standards. We are aware of this responsibility.

We develop brands. Perfection is our demand.

Trust and respect are the base of every colaboration.

We create clarification through transparency and communication.

We develop our business together. 
We take care of input, thought-provoking impulses and ideas.
We encourage, support and grow beyond ourselves.
We transfer responsibility.


What is the meaning of the name

unize (english pronunciation [juːnaɪs]) is the combination of the words „unique“ and „specialize“.

Berlin is a divergent city with a high cultural exchange and culture diversity. Berlin conveys a special awareness of life. It offers an ideal platform for inspiration, supported by creativity and exchange.

Our brand vision

Consistent brand vision is the design studio, that develops brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland consistent for every channel.

Brand mission

With's developed method for brand development, brands and companies will reach for an even higher prosperity.

Brand core develops agile design solutions for the middle-class.

Brand positioning is the design studio, that supports companies to develop their sustainable brand and to optimize their design and communication.


A good brand is looking good in every little detail and shows the selfawareness and your own demand.

Reason Why wants to evoke unknown potential of your brand and extend them (heroicly).


Brand values

Agility within every comunication channel.
Always on eyelevel with the Persona.

Relevance. What brand values are relevant for your Persona
Differentiation. The ultimative use of the brand should create a certain uniqueness.
Authenticity. Characteristics, that your brand should meet now and in the future.

Brand tonality

Motivating. Professional. Precise.


Brand signals

Soundlogo. Claim (agile design solutions for the middle class). Yellow.

Inspirational success stories.

Target group/Persona

Well-known companies and individuals in economy, research, culture and sport.