Why choose Berlin as a location for the design studio?

Berlin was always a second contact place during the time with Siebel1 Designbüro. We chose Berlin as a new location after the extension of our offer.

What fascinated us the most is the divers cultural exchange and the cultural diversity. Berlin conveys a very unique awareness of life. It is the ideal platform for inspiration, creativity and exchange.

Berlin has its very own character you have to get used to – the city is pulsating and noisily. But you will understand soon, that although there exist certain rules, there are none and everybody can evolve in their own rhythm. Opposites don’t exclude one another: you are anonymous and self-determinded, but a part of the whole at the same time. Every area is a world in its own. You will connect with it and a “Kiezzugehörigkeit” (affiliation with your area) is developing.