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Design studio for brand development in Berlin

As a brand designer we are your contact for the development of a sustainable corporate identity.

We are a middle-class design studio located in Berlin and support you in an interdisciplinary team to extend your success. works with well-known companies and individuals in the economy, research, culture and sports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The triple jump

Because of our long-term experience in the branding process we developed a model to make your brand even more successful.

The first step has to be a substantiated brand development to lay down the foundation for the following design- and communication development. Only if all elements of the brand development (vision, mission, goals, target group, persona, archetypes) are defined, you can build your brand design and brand communication.

This triple jump is the base of a successful brand and Corporate Identity. We will develop your brand together and build your design and communication.

If you have already finished your brand development and just need the design or communication, we will gladly proof the completeness of the components for a consistent overall picture.

Design studio

We offer the following classical services as a design studio: