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Brand Development, Brand Design and Brand communication

for craftsmen

You want to make your business even more successful and gain new clients? But you don’t have time to work on your marketing, while doing your daily work?

Develop with your brand and start communicating your mission outward to create proximity for your clients, so they can identify with your brand.

Take advantage of our system

With our developed triple jump-concept (Brand Development, Brand Design and Brand Communication) we will build your competence up and communicate it continuously outward with coordinated measures.

Only half of the craftsmen businesses are using the possibility to gain new clients via an online presence, although the internet is the first contact point to inform yourself about the different businesses and to compare them.

With a modern SEO-optimized web presence, you can expand your head start to your competition.

Even the future junior staff is almost only active on Social Media. To show them what your business has to offer and to get the younger generation to work with you, you should be present there.

Your advantages, if you start working with us


✔  Visibility of your offer

✔  Elaboration of your USP and competence

✔  Positioning as an expert (in the media)

✔  Online-referral marketing

✔  Attracting potential junior staff of the Generation Z

✔  Existing costumers care

✔  Chosen technical language, corresponding to your target group


Agile Brand Development for craftsmen

Brand Development

We will develop your Brand in 9 steps. On that base, we will build your Brand Design and Your Brand Communication for a consistant image of your brand.

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Imageflyer, informational flyer, advertising campagnes. Communicate your offer. We will implement your information branchspecificly, even in crossmedia-campagnes for a higher outreach.

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Web design and web development

The internet is the first contact point for the research of doctos and to collect information. We develop your responsive website and take care of the SEO and longtail-keyword strategy.

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Video and illustrationen

With educational videos and image videos you can be positioned as an expert and convey important information to your patients.

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The display of your practice rooms and employees is a good instrument to build your patient's trust. You must show them, who you are. We take your photos and if you wish, we can also create a panorama of your practice.

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Corporate Fashion and vehicle labelling

You are a mobile nursing service? You can be make potential patients aware of your service with the vehicle labelling and Corporate Fashion.


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Guidance systems and signets

You have spacious practice rooms and want to spare your patients the disorientation? We develop an easy to understand guidance system with the corrosponding signage for your practice.

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Text work (SEO-optimized)

We write your texts for your practice. We do the research for the frequently asked questions about your core area and prepare them properly for your patients on your website, so you can expand your expert status.

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