Brand Communication

1. Definition

The corporate communication includes all communicative measure through which the business will be perceived in the public and is an important part of the corporate management.

It consists of the areas advertising, public relations, marketing and furthermore the internal corporate communication.

A good communication uses a consistent design, language and fitting interactions in the social networks. It has to be implemented strategically throughout all channels, that applies for internal as well as external communication.

The communication emphasizes the recognition value of the brand/ business and highlights the business on the market.
To convey the core message and values of the brand, you have to choose a target group-fitting address.

For an authentically corporate communication you first have to develop your brand fully and choose a design and visual vocabulary.

2. What is the marketing mix?

There are four instruments of the marketing mix that also represent the pillars:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

These were summarized for the first time in 1960 by Jerome McCarthy and published under the acronym “4 Ps”.

01 Product

Quality, service, technique and design have to be shaped for the liking of the customer (subjective perception).

In this category also fit product variation, product differentiation on the market, product innovation (if the growth rate drops) and product elimination (if the product isn’t selling anymore).


02. Price 

What is the price that a customer is willing to pay for your product or your services?

Create the most attractive ratio between the price and the service for the customer.

Other relevant keywords regarding the price are the break-even price (a product has to create a profit for the business), the penetration price (very low price to increase the demand and raise the price afterwards) or the absorption price (high priced in the beginning and lowering it at increasing market exploitation).


03. Place 

It sums up all decisions and measures that are part of the journey a product/ service from the provider to the client. That includes the long-term planning and implementation of the sales policy. The choosing of the distribution channels and distribution partners as well as the organization of customer relations is inclusive. All of this takes place in the setting of the sales strategy.

Bear in mind that you have to choose the right distribution channels: direct sales (provider to customer), indirect sales (middleman to customer) or a multichannel (combination of direct and indirect sales) as well as the possibility of the E-Commerce.


04. Promotion

The communication helps to inform your customers about your product or your offer and to accelerate a purchase decision. This last point is about customer acquisition and retention.

Part of the communication strategy are the individual communication (such as social media), your brand and the Corporate Identity.


These 4 Ps relate to the product marketing and represent the four pillars. The extended marketing mix includes physical evidence, people and process. These are mostly for the immaterial service sector.

3. Brand Communication Print

Corporate Publishing

Corporate publishing is the definition of all media that uses journalistic communications. It is part of the Corporate Identity. That covers all media such as magazines, journals, booklets or flyers. It is used for the stringent transmission of information that relates to the business.

You can use every communication channel to reach your target group.



For an advertisement campaign we create target group-fitting advertisements for print (and online). We also consult on the right placement.


Outdoor advertising

We consult and create your advertisement campaign in the outdoor area and help with the site optimization. A cross medial campaign is always possible: with the usage of QR-Codes we can analyze the effectiveness of the location and adjust this with future campaigns.


Dialogue marketing

Via the evaluation of existing customer relations, you can enlarge the customer wishes and send customized offers and services. We layout your direct mail for your fitting offer.


Nowadays everybody is integrated in the digital world. Almost everything is online accessible and treatable. We asked the question: Do we still need print products? Do they have any advantages left?

4. Brand Communication Online

Nowadays is the digital offer even more essential. Many customers search for a product or a service online. The digital transformation of your offer should contain following components:

Our partner for technical support:

Edelweiss | medien agentur Agentur für Online Development und Marketing

5. Social Media

Ca. 80 % of the internet user is active on one or more Social Media channels. For the marketing most important ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Xing and LinkedIn.

Every target group prefers a different channel. We compiled an over view of the usage behaviour for every channel and the possibilities for the content distribution they offer.

Of course you know your target group and their behaviour the best. on Facebook 

→ on XING


6. Corporate Language

Storytelling as a communication and marketing form

You developed and defined your brand. Now you want to communicate your idea to the customers. You present the facts, but you don’t receive any reactions. You need a different form of communication, that evokes the interest.

With the use of storytelling you can connect your facts to a relatable information. With a story you can evoke emotions and convey your customer your content easily. This creates value and trust.

How to write a good story and what plot possibilities exist, you can learn here.

7. Communication strategies

The more of your employees of the communication department participate in the creation of a strategy, the more it can differentiate in the manner of language and diction.

A communication strategy is therefore indispensable for a stringent and uniform message. If you have a good strategy, the positioning will be easily delivered.


As a tip: Not only employees of the communication department have important input regarding the customers. Every department has its own ideas how to address the customers. Use this information.

For a functional communication strategy, it is indispensable to do a previous Brand Development, because a lot of steps give important – and stringent – information to build a strategy.

How to develop a communication strategy only 7 steps you can learn here.

8. Internal vs. external Corporate Communication

Employer Branding

It is getting harder to find motivated and qualified personnel on the job market nowadays, you need for a flourishing business. This qualified personnel on the other hand starts asking the question: Why should I decide to work for this business, what can they offer me? So it can be that your desired candidate chooses a different job offer.

In any case you shouldn’t forget about employer branding. It includes measures to implement in your business to show potential applicants why you are an attractive employer. And it also shows your current employees, that you care about their wellbeing. You must create a brand for yourself as an employer to be presented advantageous on the job market.

You can learn here how to create a good employer brand.

Cross medial communikation strategy

How can I reach my target group sufficiently?

This question is not always easy to answer, because the media behaviour and usage is very dynamically and there is constant change between online – and offline usage.

To reach a vast number of people of your target group, we recommend a crossmedial campaign, so you can avoid the question what channels are used by whom.

The synergy effects that you can reach through a wide spread media usage, you can harness for your business.

We summed up in your blog what exactly “cross medial” inclines.

Excursion E-Commerce

Is the electrical sale or internet sale. It does not only describe the buying and selling process, but also services (customer services) in the online area.


You can buy without delay. It is easy and comfortable. You can tale care of your shopping without leaving the house.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has to be right, so your offer will be fund.