Why do I need a strong brand?

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The human being buys brands that he can trust and for which he has positive associations.

The human being buys brands that he can trust and for which he has positive associations.

We connect the terms quality and trust with some brands. As a customer we are more inclined to buy products with brands we know and have made positive experiences with. Also, they have to comply with our own values.

In a full supermarket shelf, we will decide ourselves for the brand we recognize and where we know its quality.


That means: Take your time and develop a fundamental brand


A strong brand is based on an elaborated brand core, that transports explicit values and leads to a brand identity. This brand identity and its personality have to reflect in the corporate design and communication.

It is important, that the dialogue has quality and depth rather than a quantity of dialogue channels. Do not lose sight of the customer’s point of view – the target group will be the one to determine the image of your brand.

Find your positioning and differentiate from others, no matter if it is the product, the service or your ambience.


6 requirements for a strong bond

Conciseness – clear and distinctive

Authority – competence and efficiency

Integrity – stringent appearance

Relevanz – problem-oriented messages

Continuity – harmonic development

Leadership – rules for the business


This leads to the following advantages
  1. A strong brand differentiates your business from your competition and gives trust to your customers.
  2. You can build up awareness for your business with a strong brand and gain credibility.
  3. You don’t only know the product but the motivation and values of the business, that are reflected in your design and identity.
  4. Customers become fans and recommend your company.
  5. You not only receive loyal customers and more income, but you save money and time.
  6. Every employee can become a spokesperson for your brand, if he can represent a strong brand with values outward.
  7. You can differentiate from the competition by combining your service promise and the value promise.


Tip: A trustworthy method to convey your brand history is storytelling. If your story is emotional appealing and authentically, your customers will identify with it and keep it in mind.



Even if the Brand Development costs time and money (and patient), your investment will pay up and your company is lead into the right direction.

Have you already formulated your brand? Are you communicating accordingly?

If you need help or don’t know where to start – we help you gladly. Just ask for an appointment for a free strategy talk.


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