What exactly is storytelling and how do I implement it?

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Stories evoke more feelings in our heads then the simple presentation of facts. Empathy takes over the feelings of he story’s hero. We are becoming part of the experience and care, that he reaches his goals and that all obstacles are mastered.

Stories are formulated to images in our head. They are comprehensible and stay with you much longer and are retold. Your idea will become less abstract, if you tell it through a well formulated story. It shows more humanity and closes the distance.

We use the facts you want to convey as a framework of your story and convert them into a suspensive and relatable context. The goal is the brand awareness and create a clear image, that stays in the memory. The target group for every story has to be determined beforehand, so you can formulate the added value for your audience.


Structure for your story

You can use storytelling in multiple areas. You can focus on your own history of the company, the founder, the employees, the product or the customers.

The structure stays the same:

The protagonist, if possible the customer, is in the center of the story.

Protagonists and antagonists are part of the story and play a role at some point.

The storyline/ action is triggered mostly by a conflict or a shortage, that has to be solved.

The hero searches for a solution and will be tested.

A mentor (your company) supports the hero and he will find the ultimate solution, that stops the conflict.

At the end the goal is reached and thus success.


To reach your audience you have to evoke an inner image with a personal story. Customer testimonials, personal reports or employee stories are perfect for this goal. The added value of a personal story is that only you can tell it.

If you tell the story, your values are associated with your company in the future.

A special form of storytelling is the hero’s journey. What possible plots you can use, you can read in our blog article.

Writing is a science for itself

If you have a story to tell but can’t find the right structure or if storytelling is too new for you, we will help you transform your information into a story.