What is the difference between the target group and a persona?

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Often those two words are used as a synonym. Why this is a mistake we elaborate here.

The terms persona and target group are often used as a synonym. But this isn't correct and takes away a possibility to plan fitting marketing.


The severe difference

You use a target group to determine who your contact persons are. That could be clients, employees, experts or your supplier. You chose a target group to send them a certain message.

The contacted group stays faceless mostly and contains a lot of people, that are homogenous to a certain point.

The (buyer) persona on the other hand is the customer, that should/ would buy a certain product. This persona you can give a face and qualities. It is the creation of a fictional person, that embodies a real and typical customer, that has already bought your products in the past.

When you choose your typical client you can test, if your product meets the requirements and actions or if the product fits the client.


How can I obtain the information to determine my persona?

Primarily your source will be your established customers or people you know, who will buy your product.

You have to ask yourself the question: What do they look like? What are they doing for a living?

For further information you can start a survey, save data or interview people. The accordance and similarities are summarized in the persona.

That offers you the chance to develop a concrete product and secondly a specific marketing strategy, because you know how to reach your persona. Where does Sam Sample do his shopping, what is he expecting from a certain product and which argument helps him decide?

Every customer is on a customer’s journey, that has similar steps (awareness – consideration – conversion), but they differentiate form persona to persona. The more detailed you can describe your persona, the better you can react to its requirements and find the right address.

The number of personas may variate, because different products appeal to different people. Keep the question after the right address in mind.

Read here​​​​​​​ 12 tips how to create your persona.


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