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Use the possibility to position yourself as a positive employer brand on the job market.

The Employer Branding includes measures to implement in your company to show the potential candidate, why you and your company are an attractive place to work at. That doesn’t only include external but also internal areas.

As an employer brand, you must present yourself advantageous on the job market. The resulting “brand” decides, how you are received on this market.


What are the advantages for you and your (future) employees?

If you have developed your employer brand correctly, you will receive high quality candidates and a higher identification with your brand/ company. This will lead to a higher motivational potential (see also: Corporate Behaviour).

But this will also make your existing employees more loyal to your company and they will get even more motivated. For this to happen, you must communicate your Employer Brand inward and outward in the same manner and live by it. Employees can give a positive feedback and are the most authentic advertising.


How do I start the Employer Branding? 

As with every brand development, you must find out, what your strengths are and what is uniquely about your offer in comparison to the other possible employers.

You have to communicate what you stand for and what your values are. You must decide, how your target group (your potential employees) should see you and create a communication strategy accordingly. This determines how to best reach your target group.


How can you create a more attractive work environment?
  • good work-life-balance
  • Apprenticeship and in-service training
  • Childcare (for large companies)
  • part-time employment for single parents
  • teambuilding measures
  • attractive workplace and break rooms
  • Incentives
  • Health offers


How do I communicate this offer?
  • right social media use (the next generation will be the future experts, that are grown up with social media)
  • current staff opinions (image film, blogs, interviews)
  • a view behind the sceneson your homepage, photos of the workplace, team activities, employees


If you are creating a good employer brand, this will go beyond the recruiting and will bring you motivated employees with a higher commitment, which will have a positive effect on the corporate culture and will improve the brand image in general.


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