Corporate Identity – what does that incline?

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Every company should have a formulated Corporate Identity. What that inclines we have summarized here.


Corporate Identity (CI) is a strategic concept to position the identity and self-image of the company. This takes effect internally and externally evenly. With the employee’s identification towards the company arises a “we-consciousness”, that is noticeable outwardly.

The CI is the self-image of the company whereas the image of the customers is the perspective form the outside. The identity has to be carried outwards to obtain a positive image form the different target groups (general public, customers, press, suppliers…) through a coherent concept.

The CI is composed with different subcategories

The CI is an extensive field and contains every possible area of the company: Corporate Behaviour, Corporate Design, Corporate Language, Corporate Sound, Corporate Culture, Corporate Communications and under some circumstances also Corporate Smell, Sight und Taste, so that all five senses are called upon.

Corporate Behaviour (CB)

is the behaviour of the employees internally and externally (towards the public and the clients). The employer branding is an important instrument to create the employee’s solidarity and identification towards the company.


One differentiates between three behaviour patterns

  1. instrumental corporate behaviour (price politics, management style)
  2. personal behaviour (employee behaviour among each other and outwards)
  3. media behaviour of the company (communication strategy, advertising style)


For a stringent CB the employees have to know

      1. Why the company does, what it does?

      2. What the flagship of the company is.

      3. How does the company want to be present on the market?

      4. Where is the company actually positioned?


The positive motivation of an employee transfers to the customer and creates loyal fans.


Corporate Design (CD)

is the visual appearance for the support of the values and objectives formulated in the Corporate Identity. The CD shows the company as a unit from the business papers up to the employee’s clothing. The CD is laid down in a corporate manual (design guidelines) for every external provider to keep the design coherent


Corporate Language (CL)

is the official companies language that is used in every communication. The wording has to be used by every employee to maintain the image.


Corporate Sound (CS)

There are different jingles, that are associated with a company. You think of this company without a visual aid like the German Telekom.


Corporate Culture (CCu)

Is the whole system of values and norms that establish the character and style of the company. It influences both the behaviour and the communication.


Corporate Communication (CC)

is the strategy to reach a clearly structured and uniform image of the company throughout an integrated consideration of all internal and external activities. This communication is stringent in every channel including the right design and wording.

Art history excursion: Corporate Idenity in Germany

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