Do we still need print products in the time of digitalization?

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What is the significance of print products today and should you only invest in digital media?

You can’t deny, that today almost everything is handled online. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and uses it as a first source to inform oneself about actual news. It is rather practical, that you can look up the opening hours of a museum or if the shops are open on a Sunday in just a few clicks – everywhere you go, even if you are out and about.


But – yes, there is a but – although you can find may areas in the digital world, there are still print campaigns. And with good reason.


When you are travelling by metro and belong to the rare group of human beings, that don’t stare into the abyss of the smartphone, you can’t help but notice the advertisements in the wagons. The same goes for the billboards behind the rails. The more you will see a billboard, the more it (and its message) will stay in mind. In Berlin we have the local transportation company BVG as a stellar example for a good and successful marketing-concept and who is present in our minds. You can’t avoid their campaigns.


Cross medial

But the print world didn’t stay still in the last few years. Billboards and advertisements are no longer pure information carriers on paper, that you only scan and throw away afterwards. The cross medial concept like the QR codes allow a combination of the digital and analogue world. You can not only take them into account but interact with them.

Also, there is still an astonishing number of print catalogues. Even strictly online-shops such as Zalando use print catalogues and use a part of their offer photographed in an aesthetical manner with an editorial content, that exits the normal sales presentation. In that category also falls the IKEA-catalogue. These catalogues are used as an inspirational source while sitting comfortably on the couch. Still, we will order it online, because it is uncomplicated and fast – without even leaving the sofa.


Stand out

High-quality print products like flyers and booklets with special papers or highlights such as varnish elements are more sustainable as the mass production and are more likely kept. Especially if you have direct contact with your customers (at trade fairs e.g.) a memorable visual aid, that the customer can keep, will be better than a mere online-presentation.

Our conclusion

Even if a lot of things are taking place in the internet, you shouldn’t completely renounce the print products. A combination of both is the most reasonable thing to do (a print flyer can be transformed easily to a PDF on the website).

Potentially you will stand out with your print products​​​​​​​, because others might only use the online advertisements.

Some points to consider with print products
  • are mostly more sustainable and more valued
  • sensual experience (if you use a high-quality print)
  • are used for inspiration
  • build in an editorial part (added value)
  • choose unlikely formats
  • use the possibilities of feel (raised parts)
  • use different papers
  • use varnish refining’s
  • even with a smaller budget, online printing companies offer high-quality nowadays.


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