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Efficient branding with the triple jump concept

Your success for your business is only three steps ahead demonstrates how your brand will be recommended continuously and will generate a lot of new qualified interested buyers.

With our “triple jump” concept, you will be seen as a popular expert and build trust in B2B and B2C.


Achieve your goals via the interaction of a founded branding, a fitting design and an individual communication, matching to your clients.

We develop a matching brand concept for your requirement.


You will position yourself as an expert in your specialty right from the start.


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Brand development

in the workshop

In the classical triple jump, the first landing has to be made with the same foot as the descent. The jump sequence is hop (right foot), step (right foot) and jump (left foot).

This principle applies to the branding as well: The first thing you need is the basis to gain the right energy to descent. There can’t be a fitting design without a congruent branding as a foundation. That is the reason the next step can only be performed as a consequence of the first step.


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Brand Design

in the design studio

If you did the brand development right in the first step (hop), you should – similar to the triple routine – be able to execute the next step (design) easily.

Your design can be composed alongside the values and visions of your brand and contribute to an overall picture of your brand. This step is essential before making the last crucial one (jump) into success while communicating your brand outwards.


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Brand Communication


The last step towards your successful brand is based on the previous ones. The communication is synonymous with the last step (jump) of the triple jump.

The whole bundled energy collected from the previous steps will be carried outward. Only if you have defined beforehand, what your brand stands for and what characteristics it should carry, you can reach your target group and persona with the fitting design.


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Features and benefits for our clients in the areas of

medicine, handicraft, science, culture and education, service and print

The design studio with the focus on branding in the capitol.

Our long-term experience in this area has shown us, that a fundamental brand development is the road to success of a business adventure. With the possibilities given by the digitalization, the visualization of a brand can be realized efficiently and completely. We count on an extensive digital presence that is supplemented by classical print products.


Take advantage of the existing versatile media and receive a concept for your brand reputation by us.


Products and services

for your optimal communication

As a design studio we offer all services in print and online to start extensive campaigns for your communication to reach your target group at any time and everywhere. We design your media, write your texts, take your photos and design your website.


Use our knowledge as a design studio and get to know all possibilities a cross media communication strategy has to offer.


Your advantages

Take the lead via automated processes in the communication

Our interdisciplinary team develops a concept for you to communicate your brand to your specific target group via the right channels. We take care of the content and postings, for you to concentrate on the further development of your business.


Convince yourself and take us up on our offer of a free strategy talk, so we can start today for your tomorrow.


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